Collision Control Communications, Inc. was incorporated in 2001 and produces a state of the art traffic signal preemption, transit signal priority, and collision avoidance system for emergency vehicles and public transit called the “Eliminator®”. CCC is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, maintaining an A+ rating with the BBB since it’s accreditation. It holds multiple U.S. and foreign patents in the fields of traffic signal preemption, transit signal prioritization, and collision avoidance.

The Eliminator was originally designed by professors at Indiana University and Purdue University in conjunction with engineers and managers at ITT Aerospace, Raytheon, and Magnavox in northeast Indiana.The Eliminator is the only preemption system on the market that can perform all three functions (preemption, TSP, and collision avoidance) using a single unit. It is also the most cost-effective GPS system available.

  •  Company started in 1997
  •  First U.S. patent issued 2001, first Canadian patent issued in 2009
  • Second U.S. patent issued 2018, Canadian patent to follow
  •  Incorporated in 2001
  •  Indianapolis first install in 2006
  •  Privately held company
  •  Better Business Bureau A+ rating maintained since incorporation
  • Have never been a party to a lawsuit
  •  All manufacturing, design, hardware, circuit boards, software, cabling developed and manufactured locally
  • Company roster includes
    •  Former City Engineers
    •  Former Traffic Directors
    •  Former State DOT employees
    •  IMSA (International Municipal Signal Association) Level 3 Certified engineers
    •  Former Police, Fire, and EMS employees
    •  Former engineers with Defense contractors
  •  Primary focus: Customer satisfaction