“The Eliminator™ has been the only preemption system that has not required maintenance or replacement in 10 years.”

Lenny Addair

Traffic Director/City of Indianapolis
Past National President/International Municipal Signal Association

“In our opinion, the Eliminator™ is the absolute best EVP system currently available. The in vehicle Collision Avoidance system and display is what separates it from the others. It is poised to become the dominant EVP System.”

Bill Boyer

Engineer/City of Angola

“Installation time is a fraction of what we’ve experienced with other preemption systems. It used to take the better part of a day to install and calibrate one intersection of their competitor’s systems. With the Eliminator™, we found ourselves finishing 2 or 3 intersections per day!”

Ryan Morgan

Traffic Signal Electrician
IMSA Treasurer/Local 725

“The Eliminator™ is the most user friendly preemption system I’ve worked with. The Eliminator™ is “Plug and Play.” By far the most advanced and reliable preemption product on the market today, yet oddly, not the most expensive.”

Steve May

Traffic Signal Technician
Installation Technician