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What Do Public Safety Officials say about Preemption?

“It is next to impossible for an emergency vehicle driver to be assured that all the traffic at an intersection is aware he is proceeding through the intersection. New soundproof cars and louder stereo systems often override the awareness of a siren. Our emergency vehicle drivers rely on emergency vehicle preemption to improve their response safety and the safety to the public.”
Ray Digby, Fire Chief, Nanaimo, Canada

“We can provide a better response time to fire and EMS vehicles enroute to an emergency…by equipping our signalized intersections with emergency vehicle preemption, a system that enables the drivers of fire and EMS vehicles to change red lights to green, moving them more efficiently through intersections.”
Tom Outlaw, Deputy Assistant Director, Traffic and Transportation Division, Houston Public Works and Engineering Department.

“The benefits in terms of improved response times and safety are highly desirable. We believe emergency vehicle preemption for ambulances and fire trucks is of significant value to warrant its application.”
George Human, Transportation Director, Richardson, Texas

“Traffic signal preemption shows it is vital for public safety – it significantly reduces response times, virtually eliminates the risk of emergency/civilian vehicle collisions in the protected areas, and dramatically lowers the stress levels that fire fighters experience while transiting the protected intersections.”
Mike Pfender, Traffic Services Superintendent, Cheyenne, Wyoming

“The highest rate of return for an investment is when lives are saved. We know…. vehicle preemption systems have saved lives.”
John Nelson, Phoenix City Councilman

“We’ve had cases with six figure claims against us that we could successfully refute because we had the technology to prove that our driver had the green light. We can also substantiate the training our drivers have had and the protocol they follow when using the preemption system. This translates into substantial savings in claims to the community.”
Richard Gonzales, Fire Chief, Denver, Colorado

“As congestion increases, we must find ways to allow emergency vehicles to move freely on our streets, sometimes even at the expense of general traffic. We are using signal preemption systems as one way to get the fire vehicles where they need to go.”
William Kloos, Signal System Manager, Portland Office of Transportation

“There is a difference driving through signals where we know we will have the green light. We are driving much safer, and not having to stop is improving our response by a considerable amount of time.”
Captain Pat Davies, Logistics Department, Portland Fire Bureau

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